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Alex Dunlop

A quick glance at Alex Dunlop’s wide-ranging CV reveals someone who enjoys variety and working with people. Since moving to England 25 years ago, Alex has turned his hand to everything from working with the unemployed in a highly visible government department to promoting environmental concerns with a conservation charity.

Building connections with staff and clients has been a central theme throughout Alex’s career, and he is now employing his diverse skillset as Future Worlds’ Relationship Manager. “Relationships are at the core of everything that Future Worlds does,” he says. “We are about bringing people together to make connections that will deliver enterprise and impact. It is simply fantastic to be in the room when we see that all coming together.”

Alex Dunlop

Alex has been fundamental in developing the Future Worlds ecosystem from an ambitious concept, imagined by co-founders Reuben Wilcock and Joyce Lewis, into the growing network as it appears on the Web today.

He is cultivating fruitful connections within the platform, working with others to organise and deliver Future Worlds events and playing a pivotal role in the site’s video production team.

Alex is a gateway for anyone looking to make first contact with Future Worlds. He is keen to assist students, staff, entrepreneurs and investors interested in the ecosystem and bring them together to promote the enterprise of academic research. You can get in touch with Alex using the contact form on this page.

Alex was born in Belfast and moved to England in 1990. He studied psychology at the University of Wolverhampton and enjoyed diverse work experience early in his career which included interviewing bands for a music magazine and being a roadie for touring rock bands such as U2, Metallica and Guns N’ Roses.

He progressed through the ranks of the civil service for several years to become a higher executive officer. Alex nurtured his passion for meeting people during the tenure as he enjoyed roles training staff, assisting a senior civil servant and acting as a New Deal Adviser – a scheme to support 18 to 24-year-olds into full time work.

A two-year spell at The Mammal Society followed, where Alex worked, amongst others, with consultants and government officials as a Training and Events Coordinator. He moved to the University of Southampton in 2012 and grew alumni relations among diverse administrative work for the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering. Since spring 2015, he has been channelling the creative aspects of his past experience in his post at the University’s Future Worlds programme.

Alex Dunlop“It’s fantastic to meet so many people at the absolute top of their game,” Alex says. “One of our guests said that someone can spend a lifetime distilling experience and when they write their autobiography they will give you all they have for 20 dollars. This website is even better than that because they’re doing it for free.”

Alex spends much of his spare time playing with the Southampton Ukulele Jam, a community which he says – like Future Worlds – is a way to bring people together.

He would advise people to discover a line of work they can feel passionate about.

“I’ve always found that the people who are happiest are those that you can’t spot the join between what they do and don’t get paid for,” Alex says. “Figure out what you want to do when you have no responsibilities and then go out and do it.”

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Alex Dunlop

Relationship Manager,
Future Worlds

Alex plays a crucial role in enabling the enterprise and impact of academic research as Future Worlds’ Relationship Manager. He establishes and maintains connections in the ecosystem, helps organise events and is the driving force behind video production for the website. Alex has enjoyed a diverse career which has taken him across government, higher education and charity sectors.

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