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Best Blogs – the top 10 exclusive videos, mentors’ tips and inspiring startup stories

We’ve hit a milestone! Future Worlds and its superb entrepreneurial network has reached 100 blogs on the platform.

It’s been an honour to collate the very best features, advice, event videos and announcements in the beating heart of our ecosystem. Some of our entrepreneurs’ startup stories have come a long way over the past 18 months and it’s a thrill to think how many more are going to be charted in our dynamic BLOG section over the coming years.

We marked the half century last year by shortlisting 10 unmissable blogs from our archives, so it’s high time for some highlights from our next 50 entries. You deserve a break this Easter, so pick up a brew and browse our top 10 articles from the past academic year.

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10) A good idea plus investment – is that all a startup needs?

Geoff Baker talk 10Why is it that despite all the available support and investment roughly 50 percent of businesses still fail in their first five years? It’s a surprising failure rate and it’s consistent across all sectors. Future Worlds Mentor and IMechE Vice President Geoff Baker explores this mystery in a concise article offering his advice to make your startup ‘match fit’.

9) Four answers to student entrepreneurs’ career conundrum

Engineering and Technology Careers Fair 2017With graduation comes a crucial crossroads in every young entrepreneur’s life. Should they leap into the unknown and found their first company, join a promising startup, or build experience at a multinational? Watch answers from employers at the Engineering and Technology Careers Fair in an exclusive video blog.

restaurant-alcohol-bar-drinks8) From Beer to Fraternity

Or more accurately, from fraternity to beer. Talented University entrepreneurs from all subjects are brewing brilliant businesses in Southampton. Comms expert Tom Docherty shares the story behind and offers his tips for upcoming startups in a special blog.

7) Five ingredients for startup success

IMG_8887 [editAre you a circle or a triangle? Are you ready to be an athlete of business? Nanga Mai co-founder Filippo Massarelli has been on an exciting journey since first flirting with the startup scene as an ambitious engineering student. He shares his unique entrepreneurial recipe in a fun blog and video from a captivating startup talk.

6) The story of CES 2017 in 20 tweets

vlcsnap-2017-01-08-15h55m37s778‘There’s no other event experience like CES’, claims the Consumer Electronics Show’s sales pitch. A global audience of over 170,000 people descended on Las Vegas this January to witness the best new tech from around the world. Re-live all the excitement from the Future Worlds stand, including handstands, media mania and a motion capture monkey in our colourful Twitter round-up.

5) Five questions with entrepreneur Jay Laver

Jay_Laver_still_1 - Copy (2)Researcher Jay Laver has identified an unlikely ally in the worldwide battle against infectious diseases. His ENTiTi platform is an innovative system that uses ‘friendly’ bacterial species for the long-term delivery of antigens. Jay talked through his route to commercialising groundbreaking research in a memorable opener to our Five Questions (5Qs) series.

4) What marks out successful entrepreneurs?

chameleon-parduckameleon-furcifer-pardalis-reptile-53575You can’t help but ask this question when you meet Future Worlds’ growing collection of mentoring investors and experts. What is it that has carried them through their successful businesses and experiences? Do they share character traits that set them apart from the crowd? It turns out there are several themes that we can aspire to on our own entrepreneurial journeys…

Guardian University Awards3) Guardian University Awards 2017

Future Worlds is extremely proud to have been one of three finalists for Entrepreneurship in the Guardian University Awards 2017. Director Reuben Wilcock reflects on the network’s growing startup culture after an evening at the glitzy awards ceremony in London.

2) Ask the Entrepreneur – lessons from a panel of startup supremos

Robbie Rice, Brian Luff, Reuben WilcockFuture Worlds Mentors Mike PayneRobbie Rice and Brian Luff took to the stage last autumn for an honest Q&A session with an audience of future startup founders. The evening, which kicked off the University’s celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, explored the whole lifecycle of a business. Check out our blog and video for highlights from the striking session.

1) Making innovation happen – charting the rapid rise of a teenage millionaire mentor

Josh Valman talk v2RPD International Managing Director Josh Valman recounted how he became a millionaire entrepreneur at the age of 16 in an inspirational talk that acted as a predecessor to Future Worlds’ now familiar Mentor Masterclass series. Follow his advice to guarantee innovation beyond the ‘Museum of Failed Dreams’ through this classic blog and video.

Do you agree with our top 10? Is there a blog you think deserves its place in the shortlist? Let us know your comments in the contact form on this page…

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