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Social impact spinout launches crowdfunding campaign

Tech spinout BluPoint is set to scale its globally-minded pop-up intranet solution through investment from a new equity crowdfunding scheme. The business is offering the Future Worlds network private access to the crowdfunding campaign a week before it goes public.

The spinout’s innovative technology, which delivers vital information and services to offline and off-grid remote communities, has been successfully deployed in six African countries and India, with the business raising £1m of funding to date through Innovate UK and angel investors.

The new Seedrs fundraising campaign will continue the spinout’s story of growth as it pursues an ambitious target of improving the lives of 20 million people in 20,000 communities by 2020.

BIuPoint has innovated a solar-powered offline Internet solution that enables organisations to distribute on-demand content to users in any location, and on any device, incredibly fast with no data cost to the user. This free, fast and focused technology even works where there is no electricity or Internet.

Mike Santer, founder and Chief Technology Officer, explains: “BIuPoint delivers amazing impact through making digital content and services accessible to the four billion people for whom the Internet is unavailable or unaffordable. We have proven technology that works, we have customers that are serving global markets and we are developing partnerships for implementation, sales and manufacturing.

“This crowdfunding campaign will allow us to scale the business, recruit additional resources and continue investing in our game-changing solution to respond to the requirements of our global market. I’d encourage all interested to come and join our journey by visiting our campaign on the Seedrs site.”

Empowering remote communities with local web

View BluPoint’s Future Worlds profile and video to discover the spinout’s roots in the University of Southampton’s Department of Electronics and Computer Science, as it offers information that can lead to a better life and a route out of poverty by tapping into the technology in people’s pockets.

For multinational businesses seeking to operate and expand in the developing world, BluPoint creates opportunities to deploy an offline Internet, giving a unique customer experience, improving staff training and communication, delivering product information such as user manuals, providing securely downloaded apps or software updates and corporate social responsibility initiatives from one platform, all without the Internet.

The technology is also relevant for governments and international development organisations wanting a low-cost method of delivering education, healthcare and humanitarian support to address the huge need to educate and make employable growing populations, train sufficient teachers and health workers, build business and vocational skills and tackle the cultural issues in educating girls.

BluPoint’s customers include Canon and Dixons Carphone with partnerships being developed with the global professional services company EY and a global logistics company. Discussions have opened with several African Ministries of Education.

BluPoint is embedded in infrastructure consortia in communications, healthcare, mining and sanitation, led by some established players in the sectors.

Find out more about BluPoint and add your support to the new crowdfunding campaign through the Seedrs investment platform.

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Mike Santer

Founder, BluPoint

Mike is Founding Director of BluPoint, a social impact business which addresses equitable access to digital information and services, particularly for customers wanting to reach people living in remote and difficult locations. The spinout company builds on pioneering research he led at the University of Southampton. Mike has also served as a Technical Advisor to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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