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Five great reasons to enter Future Worlds Dragons’ Den

The sense of anticipation is already building across campus. Six student startups will take to the stage this May to pitch for real investment from Future Worlds dragon investors and set their business plans into motion.

There’s now less than one week left to submit your application, so what are you waiting for? There are tons of reasons to enter so we spoke to a range of voices across our network to show you why you should put your startup forward before the Wednesday 7th March deadline.

Check out the video from entrepreneurs, past contestants and the Future Worlds team above, or read on to find out their five reasons why you should enter this spring’s Future Worlds Dragons’ Den competition:


Reuben Wilcock
Director, Future Worlds


“Dragons’ Den is the start of an amazing entrepreneurial journey,” serial entrepreneur Reuben enthuses. He’d know too, having mentored all of the 18 previous finalists that have made it through to the May showcase. “The journey that starts with this spark might lead you to be the founder of a billion dollar unicorn company, it might lead you to new places, it might lead you to meet new people. Whatever happens, it has to start somewhere and that should be now.”


Adelaida Creosteanu
Vice President, FISH on Toast


“The process of applying and training for the event improves your pitching skills a great deal,” adds Fish on Toast’s Adelaida. “That’s really important, not just because you have to often pitch in a startup but also because it’s also an important skill for everyday life.” Future Worlds Dragons’ Den is a unique on-campus opportunity to perfect your pitch for a live audience. “It’s really exciting to see those new ideas and watch people who are passionate about their startup,” she adds.


Jaime and Daniel
Co-founders, Aura Vision Labs


Jaime Lomeli and Daniel Martinho-Corbishley transferred progress from PhDs in Computer Vision through to a ground-breaking startup that they took to the Den in 2017. “We were pretty nervous beforehand and rehearsed a lot in Future Worlds’ pitch practices where we were taught how to sell our idea,” Daniel remembers. “Since Dragons’ Den we’ve been based in the Future Worlds incubator, which has given us a co-working space alongside the Future Worlds team who have been steering us in the right direction.”


Sophie Sellers
Events and Marketing, Future Worlds


“There’s no getting away from it, startups need investment,” Sophie points out. “The unique thing about Future Worlds Dragons’ Den is it’s the only event at the University of Southampton where you can get real investment on the spot for your startup ideas.” More than £250,000 has been pledged to students on stage in the past three years and this great show of faith from the dragon investors will continue this May.


Ignác Szigeti
Sponsorship Officer, Entrepreneurs Club


Added value for startups entering Future Worlds Dragons’ Den goes beyond the hard cash too. “Entering an event like this is can make a big difference in your startup, because you can access a wide range of investors as well as mentors who are really well connected with industry,” Entrepreneurs Club’s Ignác says. “Accessing a network is essential for startups to succeed.”

Future Worlds Dragons’ Den is open to all students at the University of Southampton. Applications are open until midnight on Wednesday 7th March. Visit futureworlds.com/apply to find out more. Got questions? Get in touch through the contact form on this page.

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