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Bruno Johnson

Bruno Johnson is an expert in the innovation, design and creation of products for the electronics industry. His years of business experience led him to co-found semiconductor specialist Cascoda and he is now preparing to launch a pioneering new technology he believes can offer ‘immense value’ to society. Bruno knows that universities are great places to foster innovation and has become a Future Worlds mentor to share crucial lessons he has learned on his entrepreneurial journey.

Bruno can offer advice on forming companies, developing value creation and progressing intellectual property definition and protection. You can get in touch with Bruno to benefit from his electronics and business expertise using the contact form on this page.

Bruno was born in Brazil and holds dual British-Brazilian Citizenship. He studied engineering at the Uni. of Sussex and completed an MSc in Microelectronics at the University of Southampton. He later completed an MBA at Imperial College, specialising in entrepreneurship and technology commercialisation.

Upon leaving the university, Bruno launched his career through the Hitachi Europe graduate training scheme and spent time in design development and marketing before settling into a group creating digital audio broadcast receivers.

After Hitachi Europe, Bruno joined the Acapella start-up company in Southampton, an enterprise at the forefront of developing fibre modems and transceivers. The company was soon acquired by NASDAQ-listed semiconductor company Semtech.

Driven with an insatiable desire to innovate, Bruno co-founded Cascoda which was funded through consulting activities whilst they researched advances in the cutting edge of wireless connectivity, now known as the Internet of Things. From its humble beginnings in the spare room of Bruno’s home, Cascoda received support and software tools from the SETsquared business incubator. They soon created their first innovation, a super sensitive RF receiver which allows the range of wireless devices to be greatly extended. The business has recently launched its first transceiver chip based on this innovation.


Cascoda’s new wireless transceiver chip.

Bruno says that “long-term success requires long-term thinking and a long-term strategy”. He has enjoyed carving his own career path and cherishes being in Southampton, often enjoying the various activities available in the nearby Hampshire countryside. Bruno says that entrepreneurs need to be good at working with a variety of people and conduct themselves with a composed confidence. His advice to aspiring business leaders would be to learn the business side of technology early and to take their time.

“Whatever your passion is in technology, find the best opportunity you can to learn about it and the market that surrounds it,” he says. “This will put you in a great position to innovate in the future.”

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Bruno Johnson

Director, Cascoda

Bruno co-founded wireless communications firm Cascoda in 2007. The company started in a spare room in Bruno’s home and soon grew to occupy an office in Southampton Science Park. His previous work includes spells developing digital audio broadcast receivers for Hitachi Europe and fibre modems and transceivers at the technology startup Acapella.

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