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Immersive entertainment – Other World Escapes

Escape Rooms are one of the fastest growing entertainment experiences in the world, with over 300 venues now open in the UK and Ireland alone. The activity challenges groups to race against the clock in an immersive story-driven environment to solve fiendish puzzles that test logic, memory and collaboration skills.

The genre is an exciting arena to explore new ideas and University of Southampton graduate Gareth Beeston has launched his own startup – Other World Escapes – to build on this enticing potential. The business, which is based in the heart of Southampton city centre, plunges players into an intense 60-minute experience with the aromas, visuals, sounds, temperature and physicality of another world.

“We are working hard to provide the most unique, immersive and challenging escape rooms available,” Gareth explains. “Our latest room is based on a Mayan temple, with players interacting with realistic artefacts to learn about the traditions, rituals, and glyphs of this mysterious, ancient culture.”

The escape room experience can be enjoyed by teams of two to six players and is attracting groups of friends, work colleagues and families of all ages. “With a custom-built concoction of entertainment, tension, mystery, psychology and catharsis, Other World Escapes delivers team activities that can be played by anyone,” Creative Director Nicole Thompson-Vassel adds. “The games are suitable for any party, team-building event or social occasion.”

The story-driven format tests teams’ experience of vision, smell, sound, touch and temperature to find clues and solve puzzles to complete the ultimate objective of escaping the environment.

Gareth launched the startup after completing a PhD in Web Science and Open Innovation and now also manages the Escape Game Hub, a comprehensive escape rooms review website. “This positions us perfectly to gain invaluable insights into the dynamics of the market and what people want from it,” he says. “We can then use this knowledge to drive innovations that move the whole sector forward. For example, our upcoming rooms like Vermillion and Abyss will introduce innovative game dynamics and virtual reality technology to deliver unique, unforgettable experiences.”

Other World Escapes is increasingly seeing schools, colleges and universities starting to use escape room activities to teach students about history, maths and science in a blended and collaborative environment.

“We’re keen to hear from potential collaborators in areas like robotics and engineering who feel they could bring something unique to Other World Escapes,” Gareth explains. You can get in touch with the escape rooms team using the contact form on this page.

Since the first escape rooms opened in Japan in 2007, the number of venues has tripled year on year to over 5,000 worldwide. Other World Escapes is developing plans to expand its brand internationally by opening new rooms overseas.

Find out more about Other World Escapes or book your place in one of its immersive escape room experiences at

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Other World Escapes

Other World Escapes provides sensory, unique and immersive escape room experiences for any social occasion. Its games transport players’ senses to another world as they work collaboratively to reach their objective. The business is based in Southampton city centre and is managed by University alumnus Gareth Beeston and Creative Director Nicole Thompson-Vassel.

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