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Jon Nurse

Jon Nurse is promoting new and emerging business ventures in a diverse role covering university communications and the impact agenda. He secured his place in the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering in the spring and is laying the foundations for ongoing recognition of Southampton’s excellence in research. As part of his role, Jon is creating informative and engaging articles for Future Worlds as Content Manager. His background is in journalism and he built his experience as a roving reporter in Berkshire.

IMG_7021He is supporting researchers in publicising the impact of their work while preparing the Faculty for the next Research Excellence Framework (REF) – the system for assessing universities’ quality of research. Jon has analysed the Impact Case Studies from 2014’s submissions and will be helping to put the Faculty in good standing for the next inspection in 2020. He is also developing systems for capturing impact activities and supporting the Faculty’s impact network group.

Jon is creating a series of one-page summaries showing the value and potential of academic’s research areas to encourage new collaborations with industry. You can get in touch with Jon through the contact form on this page if you are interested in adding your research to the one-page portfolio.

Jon’s work also covers internal communications for the Faculty. Since he arrived in 2015, he has launched a new staff intranet site and a re-branded staff newsletter, named Spotlight.

Jon graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2008 and spent two years serving as an English teacher with a Christian charity in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

He worked as a journalist for the Trinity Mirror newsgroup for two years, covering news patches in the Berkshire area for the Reading Post, Wokingham Times and Bracknell Times newspapers and being promoted to senior reporter. His stories included prominent crown court trials, council scandals and local success at the London 2012 Olympics at a time when the Wokingham Times was shortlisted by the Newspaper Awards as the UK’s Weekly Newspaper of the Year.

He broadened his experience with a stint in a close-knit communications team at Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Jon promoted fire safety campaigns in the media, handled daily press queries and edited the brigade’s staff magazine in a fulfilling spell before accepting his current post at the University of Southampton.

Jon enjoys playing five-a-side football in his spare time and is a member of Christ Church Southampton. He is looking forward to building on a promising first few months both personally and professionally in the city.

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Jon Nurse

Content Manager
Future Worlds

Jon compiles the latest innovations, articles and interviews for as the platform’s Content Manager. He is also helping researchers in Physical Sciences and Engineering impact society with their work as a Communications and Impact Officer at the University of Southampton. He previously worked as a Senior Reporter for the Trinity Mirror newsgroup.

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