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Joyce Lewis

Joyce Lewis is at the heart of the Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) community in Southampton. She is a gateway into the activities of the department for business partners, students and alumni as Senior Fellow for Partnerships and Business Development in the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering.

Joyce has spent most of her career working in higher education and served as Head of Communications at the University of Southampton before concentrating on one of its largest and most exciting departments at ECS.

Companies can get in touch with Joyce if they’d like to know how they can work with students and share information on their career opportunities. She regularly interacts with university alumni, sharing opportunities to contribute to student experience through societies or mentoring and the employment of interns and graduates. You can get in touch with Joyce using the contact form on this page.

She is also an excellent contact for academics seeking to publicise their work through internal and media channels and students seeking to broaden their experience by finding new activities or student societies.

Joyce was raised in Glasgow and has lived in England for many years where she has developed a broad communications and marketing career. She has worked in Public Relations at the University of St Andrews, Development and Fundraising at the London School of Economics and served as Marketing Co-ordinator for Polity Press at Blackwell Publishing in Oxford.

She freelanced as a copy-editor and indexer for the Oxford University Press, Blackwells, Macmillan, Longmans and other academic publishers before joining the University of Southampton in 1990. Settling on the south coast, Joyce was appointed as the University’s Head of Communications in 2001.

She joined ECS in 2004 and secured her new Senior Fellow role in 2011 as the Faculty marked the importance it attached to relationships with business and industry. “I’ve always been inspired by technology,” Joyce says. “I’m motivated to help where I can with it, sharing the best of what people have invented or started.”


Joyce Lewis 2Joyce is creating opportunities for more external partners to engage with the department. She regularly brings students, companies and alumni together through events and other ventures.

Over the last 10 years Joyce has established a successful annual Careers Fair for the department and nurtured several student societies to expand the university experience. “In our community there are a massive number of things going on,” she says. “I’m looking to grow our community, reach people beyond these walls, make relevant connections and bring people back in if they want to be involved.”

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Joyce Lewis

Director, Future Worlds

Joyce co-founded Future Worlds and is a Senior Fellow for Partnerships and Business Development in the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering. She has vast communications and marketing experience from a career covering the University of St Andrews, the London School of Economics, various academic publishers and two decades at the University of Southampton.

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