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David Tordrup

As Managing Director of consulting business Triangulate Health Ltd, health economist David Tordrup works with a broad range of clients from the public and private sector to provide insight and analysis in the interface between life sciences, economics and policy. His assignments include projects in pharmaceutical economics, policy research, economic modelling and cost-effectiveness, and for private sector clients specifically, value demonstration and evidence generation for mature products. He also develops investment and business cases for new technologies with young companies and  system-wide interventions for multilateral organisations.

David studied at the University of Aarhus in Denmark, where he completed his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Molecular Biology whilst working for a bioinformatics company. He next moved to London to study for a Masters in Health Policy, Planning and Financing at the London School of Economics (LSE). “This was a great opportunity to use my existing background in a different way and was my first exposure health technology assessment, which is the process of getting new medicines and technologies into their markets,” he says.

After completing his studies he went onto become a Research Associate at the LSE, working on Health Technology Assessment of high-cost technologies and the financial sustainability of health systems. David moved to Brussels and became a Research Fellow at the World Health Organisation (WHO), where he managed and implemented a research project on health economic evidence gaps in Europe, working with ministries of health, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and leading academics across Europe to propose a set of recommendations for future health economic research..

Following a move back to the UK, while maintaining links with the WHO and European Commission, he joined technical economics consultancy HCD Economics where he worked to support pharmaceutical and biotech companies in generating evidence as part of their submissions to regulatory authorities. “We helped companies understand the costs and the clinical impacts of implementing new technologies and services in the health sector,” he explains. “Increasingly, companies are thinking about developing economic and real-world evidence earlier in the product development process, which can have a real bearing on future market access opportunities.” After his positive experience with HCD, and with a desire to work more with early stage companies, David decided to establish his own company and work as a health economics consultant.

David feels that his greatest success was the formation of that company. “There are a couple of ingredients that have to be there before this could happen,” he explains. “The primary one is to know your market well and have a track record of delivering within your field, but more importantly you need to be at a place where you feel confident in yourself and your ability to manage client relationships successfully, keeping them satisfied to a point where they will work with you again.”

Over the past years, David has been reinforcing his expertise in the field further by studying for a PhD in Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, as an add-on to his work at the World Health Organisation, HCD Economics and Triangulate Health Ltd.

“I’m really looking forward to hearing from companies that are active in the Future Worlds Medicine space, to learn what kind of products are being developed and how we can think together about positioning those products in the healthcare landscape,” he says. You can get in contact with David using the contact form on this page.

David enjoys the creativity of being involved in startup companies and has been involved in a couple during his career. “I have found what really motivates me is being part of that process, identifying an issue and then thinking about ways of solving it,” he explains.

“I think what is most valuable about the Future Worlds network is its ability to bring people together who are all in a similar situation. Everybody is trying to get something off the ground, even though they’re all very different ideas and technologies. I think a lot of the challenges are the same and the most important thing is to have people around you that are in the same boat to discuss challenges and find solutions.”

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David Tordrup

Managing Director,
Triangulate Health Ltd

David is a health economist with vast experience of supporting businesses developing innovations in life sciences. As Managing Director of Triangulate Health Ltd, he leads consulting projects that interface between life sciences, economics and policy for multilateral organisations, NGOs and private sector companies. His career has included spells at the World Health Organisation and HCD Economics.

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