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Pete Goodwin

Few engineers can draw on experiences as engaging and diverse as software expert Pete Goodwin. Pete has applied his expertise in audio technology to several sectors, including the video games industry where he spent four entertaining years with British company Codemasters. He currently works with manufacturer Vision RT, developing imaging software for radiography applications.

227336_6721740973_8521_nThis University of Southampton graduate grew up in several countries across Europe as his family relocated to follow his father’s career in the RAF. His passion for engineering can be traced back to three years in Cyprus when, at just 11-years-old, he read up on semiconductors, capacitors and inductors. At this young age Pete was fascinated with electronics, and speculated about what he could make with the various devices that sparked his interest.

Having settled in London, Pete secured his first job at music giant EMI. He worked summers in the business’s research and ultrasonics departments and developed skills which led him to a role at Digital Equipment Corporation. From there, he built his experience working for companies in the finance, oil and audio sectors, building specialist knowledge in sound cards and developing a strong interest in music.

Pete is willing to share his experience with Future Worlds members, and is happy to pass on the knowledge he has learned over the years to those who are just starting out. His technical background could offer a unique perspective on any entrepreneurial ideas. To get in touch with Pete, use the contact form on this page.

Pete enjoyed an exciting four years with the software company Codemasters, where he worked in close proximity to talented sound engineers and voice actors. He served in a BAFTA-winning era for the business, developing a new tool which helped sound engineers insert blasts and bangs into games within hours instead of weeks.

“I love the technology”, he says. “When I pick up a tablet it feels like I have a piece of Star Trek in my hands. I get a sense that what I see in science fiction is becoming real; and I understand how it works and know I can write software for it.”


His advice for students is not to panic as they set their sights on the daunting world of work. His story demonstrates that everyone will face change during their career, but he assures that this can make for an interesting ride as progression is made with the help of good training, key contacts and bit of luck. “Find something you like doing and be good at it,” he says.

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Pete Goodwin

Software Engineer

Pete has applied his specialist programming skills in many roles in a diverse career as a software engineer. He worked in a BAFTA-winning team for several years at British video game developer Codemasters and is currently working on solutions for image guided radiation therapy with Vision RT.

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