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Reuben Wilcock

Reuben Wilcock

Reuben Wilcock is passionate about creating global impact through the commercialisation of university research. As a serial entrepreneur, he enjoys a unique position as Principal Enterprise Fellow in the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering. He brings over a decade’s experience developing and marketing consumer and industrial products to the role, where his focus and determination recently led to the acquisition of Joulo Ltd, a spinout he co-founded in 2013.

REU_9360v2Reuben leads the Future Worlds initiative which he created after seeing the value of connecting university researchers to mentors, investors and entrepreneurs. Working with co-founder Joyce Lewis, he raised funds for a dedicated team, professional studio and engaging website that he hopes will serve as a benchmark for universities across the world.

He is also founder of the Future Worlds Incubator, a team of talented engineers who directly commercialise university research through product design, manufacture and marketing. The Incubator, which is based in the heart of the Electronics and Computer Science department, has links to suppliers, manufacturers and customers all over the globe and works closely with an ecosystem of contractors to provide an end to end service. “Anyone looking to license or spinout a research idea should talk to me,” he says. “We can help define your offering and develop a market leading product.”

Through Future Worlds, Reuben can introduce you to investors, mentors and entrepreneurs who offer completely free advice. He can help you refine the value proposition behind your idea, and create a compelling pitch ready to be publicised on the Future Worlds web platform. You can contact Reuben through the form on this page.

Reuben studied Electronic Engineering at the University of Southampton before embarking on a PhD in integrated circuit design. During his PhD he set up his first company designing consumer products, manufacturing them in China then selling them to retailers in the UK, Europe and US. These included the first direct-connect geotagging device for Nikon cameras, and award winning LED lights for off-road mountain biking.

In 2012, he took on his current role as Principal Enterprise Fellow to act as an entrepreneur within the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering. Since then he has been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Entrepreneurs Award, has won the 2013 British Gas Connecting Homes Competition and been recipient of a Deans Award for knowledge transfer and a Vice-Chancellor’s award for outstanding contribution to the university.


In 2013, Reuben co-founded a smart energy spinout, Joulo Ltd, with Professor Alex Rogers. Their product, Joulo, was a low cost USB device and web platform which gave utility customers personalised advice on how to save energy and make their homes more comfortable. Joulo was piloted by three of the UK’s big six energy companies and was tipped by Centrica in 2013 as “The UK’s brightest tech startup”.  The startup was later acquired in 2014 by Quby, Europe’s leading develop of smart thermostats and energy displays.

“The success of Joulo Ltd wouldn’t have been possible without the advice I received from my mentors”, Reuben says. “It was this experience that inspired me to create Future Worlds”.

Reuben Wilcock

Director, Future Worlds

Reuben co-founded Future Worlds, the on-campus startup incubator helping aspiring entrepreneurs to change the world with their ideas. He is Principal Enterprise Fellow for the Faculty of Physical Science and Engineering and a serial entrepreneur, having launched a number of startups, including Joulo Ltd, a successful university spinout acquired in 2014.

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