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Rise: the dawn of a good day

Research has revealed that gently waking to increasing light levels rather than a shrill alarm can improve mood and well-being.

Entrepreneurial engineers from Southampton and Coventry have teamed up with a world-renowned designer to devise a product based on this so-called dawn simulation approach.

“Let’s face it, sometimes we all have a hard time getting out of bed,” Freddie Temperton, Director of Neutron Technologies, explains. “There’s nothing worse than being woken from a deep sleep by the harsh alarm of a smartphone. We all end up hitting the snooze button over and over again, leaving the comfort of our beds at the last minute. This makes us late and starts the day in the worst possible fashion.

“We feel better at the weekend because we’re woken naturally by the sun. It gradually lights your room so your body wakes up the way it is designed to. We’ve developed a product that lets you do this every day.”

Rise is a dawn simulation alarm clock that gradually lights a room to help owners enjoy the best possible start to their day. It includes a digital radio, USB charging ports and Bluetooth connectivity that can be used for Spotify integration.

The smart device was developed during Freddie’s Masters in Electronic Engineering at the University of Southampton, alongside his peer Toby Isaacs and Pete Garland from Coventry University.

“We want Rise to replace your bedside lamp so it automatically adjusts the colour of its light throughout the day,” Freddie adds. “In the evening the light is warm, mimicking a sunset. The orange light acts as a trigger for your body to go to sleep. In the morning, cool tones do the opposite, giving you the energy you need to start the day.”

ColdLightRise has been designed with a modern organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display that is easily visible from any angle and automatically dims at night. Its digital radio or Bluetooth-connected audio can be used as an alarm or a speaker in the day, with its shape designed to produce a big sound from a small footprint.

Users can take complete control of Rise through a companion app that scans phones’ calendars to remind owners to set alarms before they go to bed. The smart clock can also be used to fast charge mobile devices through two USB ports.

Neutron Technologies’ student entrepreneurs approached London-based designer Moritz Waldemeyer and manufacturer RPD International to plan and scale the striking device. Studio Moritz Waldemeyer, founded in 2004, is built on a philosophy that forges links between technology, art, fashion and design.

“When we started thinking about the design of the Rise light, we reflected on its two most important functions of combining sound and light,” Moritz explains. “We looked in nature and one of the things that came to mind were crystals, because crystals are associated with sound but also with light in how they break light. Crystals have these beautiful formations through the way they are formed in nature, so the aesthetic of this product is inspired by rock crystals.”

“Our team are really excited to be developing a product that looks good, has lots of useful features and can help people to wake up how nature intended,” Freddie says. “We’re looking forward to meeting ambitious investors and mentors soon as we launch this innovative product.”

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Rise is an innovative bedside alarm clock that features dawn simulation, a gentle lighting setting that can ease the process of waking up each morning. It also includes USB charging ports and Bluetooth connectivity. The device has been developed by Neutron Technologies in a collaboration between engineering students and an internationally-recognised designer.

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