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RPD International

RPD International

RPD International operates new product development, manufacturing and supply chain elements of businesses. It creates products from one to a million units in a matter of weeks.

The business manages a global supply chain to help companies develop products from question and concept through to mass manufacture and distribution. Its process is divided into four key stages of research and development, iteration, manufacturing and supply chain. Whilst some companies work with the business for the entire span, RPD also works on select sections of the process.

RPD International was founded in 2013 by teenage millionaire and Future Worlds mentor Josh Valman. The company rapidly expanded and was valued at £1 million just six months after it was launched.

RPD International productThe nature of RPD’s design work is broad. It spans from complex engineering in aerospace and motorsport, to wearable technology and the Internet of Things. Its supply chain operation supports the scale of projects’ work, as well as developing bespoke offerings for marketing agencies and helping software companies assemble and ship physical products like subscription boxes.

RPD International is hiring globally, with a focus on London, Southern China and Central Europe.

The company has two classifications of employee. Full-time staff mostly work from its headquarters in London, covering a range of design, engineering, project management, sales, strategy and executive roles.

RPD International productRPD International also employs remote staff around the world, supporting work on projects and providing the diversity needed to build great ideas. Employees range from those with a spare couple of hours, to professional freelancers. RPD’s goal is to build the greatest distributed team of leaders in 100+ industries.

The company also runs an internship program at its London offices, with roles covering design, engineering, events and business.

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RPD International

RPD International is a design and manufacturing firm founded by young entrepreneur and Future Worlds mentor Josh Valman. It works with clients around the world in diverse markets, operating in over 40 countries through links with more than 100 factories.

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