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Salesforce is a pioneering cloud computing company which has revolutionised the way enterprise software is delivered and used, changing the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) industry forever.

Ever since it launched its first CRM solution, Salesforce products have run entirely in the cloud. The business’s offering is all online – with no need for software or hardware. Clients experience no expensive setup or maintenance costs and can work from any device with an internet connection. The revolutionary approach has helped to make the company’s Sales Cloud the world’s number one CRM system.

Salesforce is more than just a single product – offering a complete integrated solution for managing all interactions with customers and prospects, designed to help an organisation grow and succeed.

gfx_jobsite_520_calloutSince the business was launched in 1999, it has helped over 150,000 customers thrive and grow. Its customers come from all sectors imaginable, ranging from specialist startups to world leaders lie Coca Cola and Philips. Companies of all sizes put their trust in Salesforce to help them grow into more streamlines, efficient and profitable organisations.

Salesforce’s industry-leading enterprise cloud ecosystem allows clients to connect to their customers like never before using the latest advances in mobile, social and cloud technology. It is powering innovation in sales, service, marketing, community, analytics, apps and more.

The company has also chosen to put aside 1% of its equity, 1% of its employee time and 1% of its products to form the Salesforce Foundation. The 1-1-1 model has been integrated to use Salesforce’s people, technology and resources to help improve communities around the world. University of Southampton alumnus Mujibur Choudhury manages pre-sales at Salesforce in London and is supporting enterprise at the University of Southampton as a Future Worlds mentor. You can find out more about him in the mentor section of this website. Salesforce have also generously donated software licenses to Future Worlds to enable our team to effectively manage the relationships with ecosystem members.

Salesforce is continuing to grow at a rapid rate and new career opportunities are opening up every day.

gfx_jobsite_230x300_manThe company’s technology team is inspiring developers and businesses worldwide with cutting-edge cloud computing technology. Employees are building innovative apps to make an impact on over a million users worldwide while progressing on an exciting career path at a rapid-growth company. Staff also work on visionary technologies and business ideas like Saleforce’s AppExchange.

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Salesforce is the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and enterprise cloud ecosystem. The company’s pioneering use of cloud computing has revolutionised the delivery of enterprise software. Salesforce is based in San Francisco, California, with hundreds of expert staff located in the UK and Ireland.

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