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Senseye is exploiting technological advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) to bring to market a new predictive analytics software product for forecasting machine health.

eco-system-header-text SenseyeSudden machine failure and unplanned downtime costs industries in productivity losses. Industries such as aerospace and mining have adopted expensive niche condition motoring systems to support pre-emptive maintenance regimes. Other industries simply adopt a wait-and-fix approach, locked out of possible solutions due to cost, complexity, long and costly deployment periods and unavailability.

Unlike existing solutions, Senseye’s patent-pending technology means the solution is not restricted to specific machine types or failure modes and does not require a team of engineers or data scientists to use.

Senseye works closely with the University of Southampton to leverage their world class research in machine learning and the IoT and is jointly executing InnovateUK-funded collaborative projects. This gives Senseye a key strategic advantage by being able to draw on the collective knowledge of a leading research community that includes Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Professor Dame Wendy Hall. Indeed, three of the company’s four founders are alumni with two having also completed their PhDs at the university.

As Senseye continues to grow, the business needs to draw on the greatest technical minds to realise its ambitious vision. Senseye is actively seeking high quality and ambitious individuals in the fields of machine learning, semantic web and artificial intelligence.

People with the right skills and a great attitude are encouraged to come forward and talk to the team via the contact form on this page. Even those who don’t have those specific skills, but love what the company does, should not be disheartened. Get in touch with the business as it can always make room for exceptional people.

SenseyeSenseye is also interested in Knowledge Transfer Partnership programmes, supporting undergraduates projects, giving industry talks, sponsoring events and offering internships and holiday placements. Its team loves the university and wants work with it as much as possible.

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Senseye is developing predictive analytics technology which feeds from the increasing wave of sensor data being generated by the Internet of Things. The business is based in Southampton Science Park, with three of its four founders having studied at the University of Southampton.

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