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Portal Acústica: better sound by design

Smart acoustical design can enhance the aesthetics and performance of the devices and spaces that fill our daily lives. However, many architects and designers don’t have the skills to address acoustical challenges.

This has contributed to noise becoming one of the largest pollutants of our planet. Unwanted sounds cause anxiety, sleep disorders and in some cases major medical trauma.

Pablo Serrano, a PhD graduate from the University of Southampton’s renowned Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR), has launched a content platform that can upskill professionals and students in this important science.

His startup, Portal Acústica, provides online and on-demand technical content about acoustics alongside live or recorded networking sessions delivered by highly qualified experts.

Pablo has recently moved his business into the InovAtiva Brasil acceleration programme, with the platform’s first resources now available in Portuguese language files.

“Whether you are a career professional, academic, or student, you can find easy-to-understand materials here at all levels,” he says. “We currently have five e-books and 14 hours of online classes, all of which provide you with the best learning experience from wherever you are. Our platform also provides access to tutorials and free software to help architects and designers easily solve acoustic challenges.”

Free teaching materials that are already available on the platform include guidance for professionals in the construction and architecture markets, advice for managing noise control for the industrial sector, acoustic materials for entrepreneurs and businesses, plus information for academics and researchers in the sound and vibration field.

“We currently have more than 3,000 subscribers and are focussing on the Brazilian market, which has 15,000 professionals already working with acoustics and a further 1.5 million individuals who have an interest in learning the skills,” Pablo explains.

Portal Acústica’s next objective will be to produce content in English and Spanish, with a particular view to supporting clients in third world countries that need to tackle acoustic challenges.

Pablo is looking to work with partners that could benefit from expert guidance on acoustic solutions and consumers that would like to gain some expertise on the topic. “If you are interested in acoustics then go to and start learning today,” he says. You can also get in touch with Pablo through the contact form on this page.

Pablo is an entrepreneur from the Florianópolis area of Brazil and gained Project Management and Acoustics qualifications from the Fundação Getulio Vargas and the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina before moving to Southampton in 2014.

He was an active member of the Future Worlds network during his PhD in the University’s Fluid Dynamics Acoustic Group. His time in the ISVR also offered invaluable experience as a visiting research engineer, exploring topics such as the non-linear behaviour of perforate plates and multiple tone excitation effects.

You can find out more about Portal Acústica and explore its free resources at:

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Portal Acústica

Portal Acústica is a content platform that provides training and learning tools on acoustics for professionals and students. The startup, currently based in the InovAtiva Brasil acceleration programme, was founded by Pablo Serrano, a PhD graduate from the University of Southampton’s Institute of Sound and Vibration Research.

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