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Questioneer: the complete maths revision solution

Millions of students trawl through past papers every year as they revise for their exams. Without costly interventions like personal tutors, this process offers precious little feedback and is limited to one or two available papers when a syllabus has recently been changed.

Student entrepreneurs Kajetan Champlewski and Dan Trickey spotted an opportunity for innovation in the revision arena as they suffered this familiar, frustrating experience in their recent maths A-levels.

The pair have founded Questioneer, a maths revision tool that can generate an infinite number of practice exam questions while providing valuable feedback.

“Past exam papers are fine for common questions that come up a lot, but useless for the rarer ones as there are far fewer of those to practice,” Dan explains. “It’s even worse for students when there are new exam specifications as there are then fewer practice papers to study from.

“Questioneer solves these problems by codifying numerical exams, allowing us to make an infinite number of variations from a single question. Revision should be about improving your maths skills, not searching through long documents, and that’s what we provide.”

The Questioneer platform works with all question difficulties in GCSE and A-level maths, ranging from simple multiplication or division, right through to differentiation, integration, trigonometry, statistics and more.

“Because of the way we store questions, we can provide worked solutions for every question and make them searchable by topic, such that students can easily find the areas that they want to revise,” Kajetan adds. “We can also analyse performance using machine learning and suggest questions or topics that would benefit them most. All of this means that Questioneer provides the experience of a tutor, at the cost of a textbook.”

Kajetan and Dan are studying Computer Science at Southampton and first met through the University’s Space Cadets programme. Both have experience in software and machine learning projects and Dan previously ran an online web hosting service.

“We surveyed past and present A-level students and over 80 percent of them said that more revision questions would be useful, with over 90 percent saying they would like to be able to search for questions,” Kajetan continues. “Furthermore, over half of the students surveyed said they would be willing to pay for this service.”

Questioneer’s current prototype is generating and marking questions with worked solutions, and a product launch is being planned for the autumn. The entrepreneurs pitched to four angel investors at Future Worlds Dragons’ Den in May and secured £30,000 to accelerate their business plan.

The Questioneer team are looking to connect with potential collaborators and educators as they further refine their offering. “If you teach on a course where Questioneer could help, get in touch,” Kajetan says. ”We’d love to work together to improve the experience for both you and your students.”

The revision tool will initially target UK GCSE and A-level maths courses, but the wider addressable market includes the hundreds of millions of students in secondary education globally.

“Once our core maths offering has been developed, we will include other subjects such as science and engineering,” Dan explains. “We will then offer bespoke versions of our software to schools and universities around the world, addressing a global market of over half a billion. We want to change the way that students revise forever.”

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Questioneer is a maths revision tool that can generate an infinite number of practice exam questions and provide tailored feedback, signalling an end to the need for personal tutors. The startup, which secured investment at Future Worlds Dragons’ Den 2018, was co-founded by student entrepreneurs Dan Trickey and Kajetan Champlewski.

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