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Aaron Wheeldon

Aaron Wheeldon

Aaron Wheeldon is helping new University audiences profit from Future Worlds’ entrepreneurial activities and advice in an ever growing role within the incubator’s core team. He is building experience at the platform while undertaking a BSc in International Relations at the University of Southampton. Aaron enjoys finding creative solutions to business problems and is using this approach to enhance the incubator’s visibility on campus and develop lasting interactions with Southampton’s many entrepreneurially-minded student societies.

He was raised on the Isle of Wight and opted for nearby Southampton after exploring a range of options for higher education. His focus was drawn to the social sciences and an International Relations degree, which applies the skills of his favoured subject of English to a stimulating new topic. “International Relations is giving me a specific lens through which to view the world,” he says. “Learning new theories, such as realism or liberalism, has made me view everyone’s decisions differently.”

Aaron gained his first experience of work at the Isle of Wight’s Royal Yacht Squadron, one of the world’s most preeminent yacht clubs which celebrated its bicentenary in 2015. “It’s a very rewarding work that pushes you to take on responsibility and build leadership skills,” he explains. “It’s taught me a lot about time management, dealing with stress and working in a team.”

Having first joined Future Worlds through the University’s Excel Southampton Internship Programme, Aaron contributed to the platform’s growing marketing and events strategy for Freshers’ Week 2017 by delivering a creative marketing plan, seeking to engage with new people across the University that can benefit from the platform’s increasing offering. The plan culminated in bumper sign-ups for the platform’s Future is Now event at the University of Southampton Students’ Union, a creative social media marketing campaign and a team of friendly student ambassadors circulating campus with distinctive bunches of balloons.

As part of the marketing plan, Aaron also introduced a society partner programme, which he now leads as Coordinator. Aaron is engaging students inside the university’s range of societies to build the entrepreneurial ecosystem and recruit student ambassadors that represent the incubator at campus events. “I’m looking to build our understanding of the people who engage with Future Worlds, what they do and don’t like, so we can better serve them through our future activities,” he explains.

“Future Worlds is an excellent opportunity because it’s so unique across the country. It’s great to have this network that can help entrepreneurs reach their potential. Before finding Future Worlds, I wasn’t aware of all the startups and spinouts that are coming out of the University. I’ve been really impressed by that range and have been inspired to help more entrepreneurs start on their own journeys.”

“If you’re a student or University society interested in getting more involved with Future Worlds then do get in touch,” Aaron says. You can reach Aaron using the contact form on this page.

Beyond his marketing duties, Aaron is helping devise new events and create innovative new content for “I got involved with Future Worlds because I really like its ethos,” he says. “It is propelling University entrepreneurs onto bigger and better things. Hopefully, I can do that myself and build the skills that can lead to a best possible career.”

Aaron Wheeldon

Student Ambassador and
Society Partner Coordinator

Aaron is currently studying at the University of Southampton for a BSc in International Relations. He is working as a part of the Future Worlds team as the Student Ambassador and Society Partner Coordinator, building on an Excel Southampton internship that planned marketing and events aimed at new starters in the University.

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