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Tom Carr

Tom Carr plays an important role as Business Development Manager at the Zepler Institute, a multidisciplinary research centre at the University of Southampton for electronics, photonics, nanoscience and quantum technologies. The Zepler Institute has over 100 laboratories in its £120 million cleanroom complex and produces 300+ publications and 15 patents annually from its 350 research staff and PhD students.

Tom helps to secure project funding for the institute, primarily industry research collaborations. In his role, he oversees contract negotiations, manages intellectual property and arranges company visits.

He studied Chemistry at the University of Cambridge and built experience as an International Development Manager over four years at the British Standards Institution. Seeking a role closer to his scientific background, Tom next became a Business Development Manager at the National Physical Laboratory, where he looked after sales activity in the low carbon technology area.

Tom was presented a Dean's Award in July 2015

Tom moved to the University of Southampton in 2011 where he began working on commercialisation and business development for the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment. He joined the Zepler Institute in 2012. “I enjoy seeing a project through to fruition; from the initial idea to an application in the real world,” he says.

Tom acts as a one-stop shop for organisations interested in photonics, electronics and nanotechnology which are looking for a route into the Zepler Institute. He is an excellent point of contact for companies interested in the centre’s research, investors looking to commercialise a technology or entrepreneurs wanting to work with the team. You can get in touch with Tom using the contact form on this page.

Tom helps generate industrial interest in order to strengthen research proposals that are being submitted to funding bodies. Projects undertaken by the Zepler Institute often have applications in industry, so Tom regularly visits companies to encourage them to invest in the research with cash, materials or equipment.

Tom believes that people should never settle into a job that’s an easy option, but instead focus on a career path they have a real passion for.

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Tom Carr

Business Development
Manager, Zepler Institute

Tom promotes the research opportunities of the Zepler Institute as a Business Development Manager. He managed the international development of British firm BSI and served as a Business Development Manager at the National Physical Laboratory before he moved to the University of Southampton in 2011.

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