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Unitive Design and Analysis

Unitive Design and Analysis

Unitive Design and Analysis (UDA) is a fast-growing technology startup company which delivers services to the BioTech, AgriTech and MedTech industries, with an additional focus on R&D, supporting UDA’s own product development ambitions.

Increasingly the business shares physics-based expertise with medical experts, biologists, chemists and others to achieve the successful end result –  through exciting collaborations new ideas are formed. The technologies it works on range from nano-scale photon-counting sensors to large-scale imaging systems. UDA selects, tests, develops, prototypes and builds.

The company is also good at technical writing, documentation, specifications, usability and technical requirements gathering, market analysis and, crucially, knowing the regulatory constraints and demands, so it can help customers and partners design to standards, or get their products ready for the Test House (yes, they have the experience of taking products from early build through to market success).

Together, the UDA team has over 40 years of industry experience and product design & analysis – from concept right through to readiness for manufacture.

They are always on the look out for new partnerships, new opportunities, and new talent, and a fundamental part of this is retaining close links with research organisations. Its founder, Dr Phil Marsden, is a University of Southampton alumnus and drives the company to operate at the forefront of technological advances.

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Unitive Design & Analysis

UDA is a startup interested in new opportunities, new collaborations and new talent. It provides cutting-edge technical services to a range of sectors, including BioTech, AgriTech, MedTech. Its expertise in imaging, sensing, laser, communications and medical technologies enables the business to solve complex technical problems on small, medium and large projects.

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